Taking steps to exploring your own self-development and awareness can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing. There is a part of you that is calling out and nudging you in a certain direction, but sometimes we are so distracted by life it’s hard to hear it!


Whether it’s about having better relationships with your family or friends, knowing and understanding who you are, moving past challenges and emotional upheaval or even self-sabotage, it can be beneficial to have someone who can assist you with accessing your own inner wisdom and clarity.


Here are some of the things you can expect from your coaching experience should you choose my services:


  • By making a commitment to yourself I will also make a commitment to you to provide an honest and open relationship based on compassion, understanding, respect and of course some humour!

  • I will also challenge you to seek out your own truth and take responsibility for the experiences you create, even if it’s uncomfortable because that is where growth and awareness come from.

  • We will explore new ways to release old programs and how to take steps to create your reality from the highest aspect of yourself.

  • Together we will focus on your strengths and identify beliefs and perceptions that no longer serve. This relationship will not be about dependency, but about self-empowerment, as we all have a wealth of information within us, we just have to learn how to access it.

Payment plans can be arranged based on your budget.

Individual, teen and family coaching sessions can be done in person, by phone or Zoom video

$120.00 / Hour