10 Steps To Conscious Parenting (Or Any Relationship)

1. Know Your Own Self – Awareness of your own divine nature/potential. Awareness of your own fears/programs so as not to project onto our children, which keeps the cycle going and can cloud our ability to respond to a situation in a state of neutrality.

2. Non-Judgment – Firstly not judging ourselves – there are no mistakes only opportunities for growth; this is the same for our children

3. Being Present – Living in the moment – this is your point of power – this is where opportunity lies. Being present when you connect with your children (not distracted) creates opportunity for building authentic trusting relationships.

4. Listening – Learning the art of listening is a key component to any relationship.

  • non-judgment goes along with this

  • really hearing what they are telling you (being present)

  • being aware of your body language

  • allowing opportunity for them to tell you how they are feeling (without judgment or taking it personally!)

5. Allowing them or Trusting them to be themselves through unconditional love – This means being ok when they choose to have an experience you may not agree with because it will always be an experience they needed to have for their growth and possibly for yours as well. Recognizing they are individuals who came here with there own learning agenda.

6. Be the Example – Children learn from the people they observe – ie. How do you respond to situations in your everyday life? What about/conflict/drama/stress?

How do you talk to people, listen react?

7. Take Responsibility – take responsibility for your own feelings/emotions and have your children take responsibility for theirs. No-one is responsible for how we feel it is a choice.

8. Communication – Goes with being present, non-judgment, listening & being available when they need to talk about ANYTHING! Being honest and open without judgment and with respect for the wonderful individuals they are!

9. Have Fun – Allow your inner child out to play with your kids no matter what age you are or they are – be goofy sometimes!

10. Have a Sense of Humour – Bringing laughter or a smile to the face of your child/children can be a beautiful and heartfelt exchange. It is an awesome tool to use to lighten a situation!

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