Am I Committed To Leading A More Conscious Life?

In this new age world of spirituality there is an abundance, in fact there is an infinite amount of information and tools to guide us on our journey to self-realization. I personally have read many books, watched an abundance of YouTube videos, listened to online seminars and podcasts and gone to workshops!

I would like to think the things I’ve learned in my exploration I’ve applied to some degree in my life as best I can. Of course we know the learning is never complete; as our awareness expands our soul just keeps pushing us to understand more.

Becoming aware of yourself so that you may access your own higher wisdom requires a commitment. This commitment is to yourself, for your benefit. We have been so programmed and have all this emotional baggage that needs to be released, that it takes a certain dedication to our selves to not give up or get distracted.

We need to be honest with ourselves when we look at our day-to-day life and ask, “am I really doing all that I can to connect to my higher self and make more conscious choices”? It is easy to fall into a daily pattern of living, and even though you may be thinking about self awareness all the time or about what you need to do to become self aware; are you actually doing it? Are you actually taking any action steps or holding yourself accountable to a higher purpose. Are you taking the time to meditate or journal or some other method that facilitates self-awareness?

You can have great intentions, but when you get up in the morning what is the first thing you think about? Do you immediately go into “what do I have to do today” mode? This is usually followed by a whole accounting of what you must accomplish today, or what you are behind on, or what is coming up that you may need to do in the future!

It is easy to get swept up and caught in that wave as it propels us through the day. We count our precious hours and notice how they seem to disappear faster and faster as time goes on, while knowing on some level we need to make some time for ourselves. Our ego mind screams at us “where the hell will you find the time for that?” so the sabotage begins and we let the most important thing go that can change our life significantly!

Make a commitment to yourself by doing an experiment for several days where you take a half hour to an hour to do a meditation or journal or something else that connects you to you and see how you fit it into your day. Notice what challenges come up that may keep you from following through on your commitment to yourself. Pay attention to how the ego mind may be rattling off a convincing argument as to why you don’t have time to take care of you! Use this new found awareness of self-sabotage to further empower yourself by not giving it any power! Plan your day with some quality “me” time where you meditate or do something else that allows you to time to tune inward where all your wisdom and power resides. Every person who makes a commitment to themselves has a ripple effect that is felt throughout the collective. Enjoy your time with you!

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