In This Moment - A Prayer

In This Moment

I live my life in the moment fully trusting and acting on what I

intuitively know from within

I am guided by my own divinity

In this moment I am blessed, I feel love for all that I am

I love my challenges as they are opportunities for insight and


I am focused energy that is directing my life along the path of

my desires, nothing is too big, and everything is possible

My energy flows freely vibrating in harmony with Source


I am opening channels for receiving; I joyfully welcome the

transformation that is upon me

There is no fear or doubt, just trust and love

I remain constantly and forever true to myself

Within me I have everything I need to transform my life; I have

access to all the answers

I am my own beacon of light

I am my own guidance system it is not outside of me.....EVER

I will be kind and compassionate with myself

I am learning

I look at the world with new eyes and beginners mind

I appreciate and see the awesome beauty of this earth, and the

people, plants, and animals that inhabit it, all of which are

intimately connected to one living, expanding source energy of

which I'm an important part of.

Thank You for This Moment!!

(originally written in 2009)

#prayer #selfawarness #selfrealization

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